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Albuquerque Counselor

Bill Jacobs LPCC

Welcome to our Albuquerque counseling web site!

Our Specialties

We work with the following issues:




We use EMDR to work with most of the issues mentioned above with, often, powerful and rapid results.


Because of our experience and clinical licensure (Clinical Mental Health Counselor) we can work with these issues in a range from mild to severe.


We also provide supportive therapy for people in difficult situations such as divorce or for those who have Schizophrenia or Bipolar Bisorder.

Our Clients

We work with teens and adults.


Our Approach

We are results oriented. We find our fulfillment in seeing people feel better. Not desireing to waste our clients' time or money, if we can't get the results desired for whatever reason, we won't protract the treatment. Neither will we, on the other hand, give up on clients who are working for change.


All our work is "client centered." By that we mean that we believe those in our care know, or can discove,r what they need and what to do. Consequently, we include our clients in treatment planning and goal setting, and believe that listening to clients in a sensitive matter teaches us how to best help them.


We understand that parents know more about their adolescents than we do. Therefore, we enlist parents as partners to solve family problems.


We understand that entire families are often affected when a family member has a problem. As a result, we offer care for all family members as needed.


When we work with people, especially teens, we understand that healing takes place in the relationship between the client and the therapist. Because of this, we endeavor to provide a safe, caring, confidential counseling environment our clients.


For more information about the methods we use to help people click on How We Help on the left menu.

About Bill Jacobs LPCC, Albuquerque Counselor

Since a relationship of trust between counselor and client is the strongest predictor of successful outcomes, it helps to know about your counselor's education, training, experience, etc.


Learn more About Us -- our clinical background.

Office Location

Our office is located on the West Side of Albuquerque at 8625 Golf Course Road NW, Suite B3. at the NW corner of Paseo Del Norte and Golf Course Road.


Learn more about our office and location.

Let Us Help

The most difficult part of counseling for most people is taking the first step -- getting competent help.


Let us make that first step easier for you. We can guide you through the first steps.


Call our Westside counseling office for a convenient appointment.


Again, welcome to our web site.


Bill Jacobs Signature


Bill Jacobs LPCC


For questions, please call 505.379.0810.


Or, we answer our e-mail in timely manner.



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Table of Contents

Help for ADHD begins with an accurate diagnosis.
Anxiety Help
Anxiety help, including types, symptoms, treatment, self-help and a section about the effects of anxiety on children and teens.
Clinical Background
Bill Jacobs LPCC Clinical Background.
Counseling Agreement
The foundation for counseling is a formal counseling agreement. This agreement helps create the necessary trust...
Counseling Appointment
Make a counseling appointment to see Albuquerque Counselor, Bill Jacobs LPCC.
Counseling Intake Form
Counseling Intake Form for Bill Jacobs LPCC an Albuquerque Counselor.
Depression Help
Depression help, including types, symptoms, treatment, self-help and a section about the effecs of depression on children and teesn.
At Bill Jacobs LPCC we use EMDR to help people who have been traumatized.
Family Therapy
At Bill Jacobs LPCC we use the systemic family therapy approach. A family is a system. Each family member has an effect on every other family member.
This section on Grief includes information on symptoms, treatment, self-help and a section about the effects of grief on children and teens.
Helping Adolescents
Our work with adolescents is characterized by care, non-judgment, and confidenticality.
Helping Couples
Helping couples learn to communicate without defensiveness opens the door to problem resolution.
Helping Families
We focus on helping families find peace and improve relationships.
Individual Counseling
Besides family and marital work Bill Jacobs LPCC does individual counseling for trauma, grief, anger, self-injury, anxiety, and depression.
Internet Counseling
Internet counseling is a fast-growing mental health service. See why...
Marriage Counseling
Marriage Counseling is a large part of our work with families at Bill Jacobs LPCC.
Other Specialties
Bill Jacobs LPCC also works with other specialties including trauma, anger, cutting, anxiety, and depression.
Our SBI! Website
How we created our SBI! website and maintain it with a minimum of effort.
Pathological Grief
Grief can become stuck. Learn how to get help.
Phobia Help
Phobia help, including types, symptoms, causes, treatment and self-help.
Search the site or search the entire Web.
Self-Injury is an unhealthy way of dealing with overwhelming emotions.
Speaking Engagements
Bill Jacobs will speak to your group about parenting and families.
Support Groups
Support groups can be incredibly helpful. Sign up for our Men's Group or our Single Mom's Group now.
Successful Therapy
Successful therapy depends, in part, on advanced preparation. Get the most from your sessions by...
Teen Suicide
Teen Suicide is a tense topic. What can be done to help?
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