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ADHD Causes

No one knows what causes ADHD. But researchers have found a number of factors that may contribute.







These factors all point toward some physical or structural deficit in the brain as the cause of ADHD.

However, if we understand that there are other causes for hyperactivity, impulsiveness and inattentiveness, then it becomes clear that diagnosing ADHD can be difficult.

Other Considerations

If we ask what causes hyperactivity and attention difficulties, then the field widens.



While any of these factors might be a part of a child’s life along with ADHD, they do not cause ADHD, and are apart from the brain development issue that is currently called ADHD. At Bill Jacobs LPCC we endeavor to correctly diagnose our clients' issues.

Implications for Treatment

While it is sometimes easier for parents to accept that their child has a genetically caused problem, more often, in our experience, a change in parental behavior causes a positive change in the child’s behavior and attitude.


For parents who are willing to work, it is often incredibly encouraging to know that they can cause positive change for their child.


See more about this in ADHD Treatment.


In our Albuquerque counseling practice we like to work with parents who are willing to work for the well being of their children. We find this parental attitude necessary for good outcomes.


For more about the causes of ADHD, you can examine Web MD and Healthy Place.


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