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ADHD Symptoms

What are the symptoms of ADHD?


The two main ADHD symptoms:





Since these symptoms are often seen in most children, and since other issues, such as anxiety, can also cause them, to correctly diagnose ADHD we must also consider the following:






Adult Symptoms of ADHD

As a child with ADHD grows older, they often are able to manage their hyperactivity better. But inattentiveness and impulsivity tend to remain problems.


As a person with ADHD enters adult life, missed meetings and appointments, lost car keys, impulsive remarks can take a toll.


Teens and adults who experience these symptoms often become anxious. The anxiety tends to make the symptoms worse, creating a vicious cycle.


A lot can be done to help people with ADHD learn to manage anxiety, impulsiveness, and forgetfulness.


More information on ADHD symptoms may be viewed at NIMH.


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