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ADHD Treatment

What most doctors don’t tell parents:




Parents and School Staff Can Help

Before we would suggest the introduction of an amphetamine into the body of a child, we would try everything else first. What else would come first?


There is a lot parents can do to help hyperactive children who have trouble focusing. At Bill Jacobs LPCC we find that parents can make an incredible difference for the child who has ADHD.


Consequently, we work with parents to help children with ADHD, helping them develop strategies and approaches specifically tailored to their child, family, schedule, etc.


Here is a list of things parents can do from the Mayo Clinic.

Attending to the Child

While the battle rages over the use of drugs in the treatment of ADHD, many forget that having ADHD is a miserable experience for the child so affected. School is hard. Family is hard. Friendship is hard. The child who suffers from ADHD often suffers poor self image, perhaps even depression.


Besides helping parents and children learn to manage this disorder, in our Albuquerque counseling practice we seek to attend to the children and work with them and support them through a difficult transition to adulthood."


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