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Depression and Suicide

Perhaps a better title than Depression Additional Considerations for this Depression Help section would be Important Things to Remember About Depression.


Depression treatment, as with most other ailments, is increasingly including holistic cures such as self help cures for depression and alternative medicine.


As we have explained earlier, there are some herbs that do help with depression, and there are many things depressed people can do on their own to reduce their depression. Many professionals are also recommending self help, herbs, and homeopathic approaches.


However, depression can run the gamut from a mild case of the blues to a major depressive episode and suicidal thinking. When people, including teens and children, are severely depressed, professional help could save a life.


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Depression in Children and Teenagers

When considering children and teens it is important to remember that they often exhibit irritability, aggression or withdrawal instead of the depressed mood that adults experience. Consequently it is quite possible for parents, teachers and other adults to misinterpret the symptoms.


If your child or teen is showing these symptoms, play it safe and have them treated by a professional. Every year thousands of teens and, increasingly, children attempt suicide in the United States. At Bill Jacobs LPCC we work hard to connect with children and teens.


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