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Depression Help

After anxiety, depression is the second most common of all mental health conditions. Research indicates that between 5-20% of the general population of the United States will suffer depression over the life span. Much of our practice at Bill Jacobs LPCC consists of depression treatment.

What is Depression?

Mood may be elevated, normal or depressed. Depression is a complex issue. It comes in many forms. The causes are often unclear and symptoms can vary widely. In spite of the challenges, a number of therapies and drug treatments offer hope for those who suffer from depression.


If you suspect you or someone you know might be depressed, the following sub-topics provide a digest of information to help with depression.


Depression Symptoms

womans face, depression helpHow to tell if someone is depressed...


Types of Depression



Causes of Depression

Causes of depression are varied and often multi-faceted...


Depression Treatment

Which therapies and medications work best...


Depression Self-Help

Research shows there are a number of things depressed people can do to help themselves...


Depression and Suicide

Some important things to remember about depression...


Another resource to help understand depression and written in plain language is


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