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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is the fastest, most effective treatment for trauma and many other mental health issues.


How it works is not completely understood, but that it works is empirically validated.


In our practice at Bill Jacobs LPCC, we know it works because our clients report incredible results in a relatively short time.


The treatment consists of following protocols that incorporate a number of effective therapies.


The primary therapy involves the use of eye-movements to help the brain heal itself from trauma and other forms of psychic damage.

Hit in the Nose by Her Father

Madelyn came to our office with her husband because they were having marital problems. It soon became clear that she was unable to do the things she needed to do to participate in the marriage because of her past.


The first time her alcoholic father hit in the nose she was seven years old. Her life as a child was a living hell. Years after she escaped his abuse, she still experienced flashbacks and nightmares. She had to control everything in her environment in order to feel safe. She was "driving [her] family crazy."


After 10 weeks of EMDR, the flashbacks and nightmares were gone. Her husband reported that she had become a much happier person and much easier to live with. She told us that she no longer felt the need to control her husband, children, mother, and siblings.


Some people cannot do EMDR but the example given above is more common that not with our clients.


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