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Grief in Children and Teens


"Children's experience of grief varies depending on the type of loss and the developmental stage of the child. Moving to a new town may precipitate a grief response that is mild and transient, while grief from loss of a parent threatens the foundation of the child's world. Young children express grief in vastly different ways from teens and adults. A child's grief is complicated because it is linear, circular, and developmental."


This quote is from by Kimberly L. Keith. The entire article is recommended, especially the part about developmental levels in children and grief.


How Teens and Pre-Teens Express

The following are only a few possible responses to grief in teens



Helping the Grieving Pre-Teen and Early Adolescent


Helping Children with Grief

At Bill Jacobs LPCC, we have found sand tray therapy and our special brand of play therapy to be helpful to grieving children.


A child's pain is difficult for most adults to deal with. Consequently, children sometimes don't get the help they need to grieve. (See the vignette in "Not Allowed to Grieve.")


Don't let this happen to your grieving child. Come to Bill Jacobs LPCC for a consultation on how to help your child through the loss of a loved one.


More About Children and Grief

For more on children and grief...


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Grief Menu


Important facts about grief.


Grief Symptoms

How to tell if you or someone you know is grieving.


Complicated Grief

Sometimes if the natural grieving process is inhibited, grief can take unhealthy forms.


Treating Complicated Grief

How we help with complicated grief.


Grief Self-Help

Research shows there are a number of things grieving people can do to help themselves.


Grief in Children and Teens

Facing pain in children is difficult for adults. Consequently, children are sometimes not given the help they need to process their grief.


Grief Resources in Albuquerque

Where to find help in Albuquerque.


Not Allowed to Grieve

An example of unresolved grief.


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