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Grief Self Help

Factors that Help Us Grieve

At Bill Jacobs LPCC, we have helped many people with grief. But there are things people can also do for themselves.



Factors that hinder the healing process:



How Do You Do Grief Work?

Growing from losses is a natural process. Most of us do it in some form every day. We say something foolish, for example, and then we adaptively process it until it no longer embarrasses us.


One way of understanding the work to be done is to think of grieving as a series of tasks we need to complete.



For more information about self-help for grief...


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Grief Menu


Important facts about grief.


Grief Symptoms

How to tell if you or someone you know is grieving.


Complicated Grief

Sometimes if the natural grieving process is inhibited, grief can take unhealthy forms.


Treating Complicated Grief

How we help with complicated grief.


Grief Self-Help

Research shows there are a number of things grieving people can do to help themselves.


Grief in Children and Teens

Facing pain in children is difficult for adults. Consequently, children are sometimes not given the help they need to process their grief.


Grief Resources in Albuquerque

Where to find help in Albuquerque.


Not Allowed to Grieve

An example of unresolved grief.


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