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Major Depression

Twenty percent of Americans will suffer some form of depression over the life span. More women suffer symptoms than men.

Distinguishing Features

This type of depression, called major depressive disorder lasts more than two weeks, but has not been chronic. Symptoms may be more severe than with chronic depression.


Symptoms may include overwhelming feelings of sadness, guilt, grief, feelings of worthlessness. This type of depression may result in disturbed sleep patterns, change in appetite, fatigue, concentration problems. Severe depression may includes thoughts of death and suicide, thereby increasing the risk of suicide.


For more information see the list of general Depression Symptoms on our Bill Jacobs LPCC web site.


See Causes of Depression.

Self Help

While the suggestions offered on the Self-Help for Depression page may be helpful, the potential for suicide requires professional treatment.


If you or someone you know is so depressed that thoughts of death are present, don't try to treat it yourself.

Professional Treatment

Treatment for major depression is covered under Depression Treatment.


Additional Resources

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Another resource is the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)...


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