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Our SBI! Website

How did we create our SBI! website?


We don't have to deal with a webmaster. We have something better!


We have SiteBuildIt! to take the drudgery out of the process.


What is SiteBuildIt!?


Build a Website with No Experience

SBI! is a way of building a fully functional website, even if you don't know how.


You don't even have to learn to use an html editor. It's easy using SBI! (Can you tell we are sold on it?)


Or Build Your Own Site

Once we got started with the block-by-block we learned so much about web design from SBI! that we soon migrated to using our own software to create our pages, design, etc. But we didn't have to.


We built this CSS site using Dreamweaver CS3 with the help of an graphic artist, Boni Buchanan. (Bill is not good at art.)


We also hired a coder, who provided an initial style sheet, which we have since completely revamped.


But don't misunderstand, we didn't need to learn all that. It just happened because we discovered that we like it.


Even with our own site design, we easlily uploaded it to SBI! where we take advantage of all the tracking tools to save time.


Click here to go directly to SBI!


Teaches How to Build Traffic

SBI! even helps you structure your site so that search engines will find it. They have awesome research tools built in so you can see how to approach content developlment for maximum traffic.


For example, before we build this site we learned that the word "counseling" was used far and away more often by searchers when they wanted to find help with mental health issues than the words "psychology" or "psycho-therapy."


We then learned all the topics associated with the field that draw traffic.


Interestingly, from this research we learned that we already knew what words were in use on the web in the mental health field, probably from working with so many people. But the SBI! research tools provided confidence to go forward with what we already knew.


Most of these tools are available on the web for little or no money, but it's quick and convenient to have it all in one place. And, we didn't have to spend time clicking around the web to find them. We love it!


After you create a page, either with their software-free method or using your own html editor, you upload it to SBI! where it is analyzed to make sure the page is optimized for the web. It won't let you upload faulty page. Amazing!


Here's another incredible feature.


The proven number one method of increased traffic is a monthly "e-zine." SBI! practically does that for you on a monthly basis. You can put all your latest updates in it and fire it off with very little efffort.


Reduced Time and Tedium

SiteBuildIt! is a system that does all the grunt work for you.


Every click in, every click out -- everything is kept in a database ready for you to study at any time you want.


Without any effort you can see how your web traffic is doing, which pages are getting the most hits, etc. We check our about once a week. It only takes a few minutes.


Every time we change a page, SBI! automatically pings all the major search engines for me. No messing around with that.


We could do all that ourselves, but who has the time? We are in the mental health field, not the IT field!


Here's another great feature of SBI!.


If you have problem with your site, such as a broken link, the SBI! robots find it and send you an e-mail letting you know of the problem. Our web authoring software does that too, but it's amazing how often SBI! still finds problems with our site. It's like a safety net that adds real confidence.


Click here to read more on the SBI! site.


Local Site Support

Our site is designed to be viewed primarily by people in Albuquerque, New Mexico because that's where our counseling practice is located. This site uses the local market technologies the search engines are starting to build in. We learned all about that easily from SBI!. No searching at all.


In our initial research we learned that every month, at the current rate of traffic, about 345 people search the word combinations "Albuquerque counseling" or "counseling Albuquerque." After only two months, we were attracting two thirds of that traffic! And the best is yet to come.


(Note: after 6 months, we are seeing more hits than the one combo search "counseling Albuquerque" produces. That means that nearly everyone who searches those words goes to our site. And it means that other searchers are coming as well -- probably through some of our inbound links. We are also starting to see email and receive telephone calls from prospective clients. In other words, "It's working!!"


Update: after 4 years, we are on the front page of Google, and we receive at least one phone call a week from prospective clients - way more than we need to sustain our practice.


We get a lot more people looking at this site than we get calls from our telephone book ad -- for a lot less money!


Plus we have interactive features and information on our site that help clients prepare for their sessions in advance. Way better than an ad in the paper or telephone book.


SBI! has a testimonial from a dentist who doubled his practice in two years after creating an SBI! local site.


A Teenager Did It

A fifteen-year-old started a website about a vacation spot island. She reports that she made in the neighborhood of $500,000 her first year.


She used SBI! to create her site, build traffic and monitize her site. Plus, she has to go there several times a year to keep up with her business. Tough life for her.


If You Have a Business, You Need a Website

Everyone with a business needs a website.


With SiteBuildIt! you can do it yourself with much less hassle and a lot less money than going it alone or hiring a webdesigner, webmaster, etc..


Click here to go directly to SBI!


Go to our Home Page.


Table of Contents

Help for ADHD begins with an accurate diagnosis.
Anxiety Help
Anxiety help, including types, symptoms, treatment, self-help and a section about the effects of anxiety on children and teens.
Clinical Background
Bill Jacobs LPCC Clinical Background.
Counseling Agreement
The foundation for counseling is a formal counseling agreement. This agreement helps create the necessary trust...
Counseling Appointment
Make a counseling appointment to see Albuquerque Counselor, Bill Jacobs LPCC.
Counseling Intake Form
Counseling Intake Form for Bill Jacobs LPCC an Albuquerque Counselor.
Depression Help
Depression help, including types, symptoms, treatment, self-help and a section about the effecs of depression on children and teesn.
At Bill Jacobs LPCC we use EMDR to help people who have been traumatized.
Family Therapy
At Bill Jacobs LPCC we use the systemic family therapy approach. A family is a system. Each family member has an effect on every other family member.
This section on Grief includes information on symptoms, treatment, self-help and a section about the effects of grief on children and teens.
Helping Adolescents
Our work with adolescents is characterized by care, non-judgment, and confidenticality.
Helping Couples
Helping couples learn to communicate without defensiveness opens the door to problem resolution.
Helping Families
We focus on helping families find peace and improve relationships.
Individual Counseling
Besides family and marital work Bill Jacobs LPCC does individual counseling for trauma, grief, anger, self-injury, anxiety, and depression.
Internet Counseling
Internet counseling is a fast-growing mental health service. See why...
Marriage Counseling
Marriage Counseling is a large part of our work with families at Bill Jacobs LPCC.
Other Specialties
Bill Jacobs LPCC also works with other specialties including trauma, anger, cutting, anxiety, and depression.
Our SBI! Website
How we created our SBI! website and maintain it with a minimum of effort.
Pathological Grief
Grief can become stuck. Learn how to get help.
Phobia Help
Phobia help, including types, symptoms, causes, treatment and self-help.
Search the site or search the entire Web.
Self-Injury is an unhealthy way of dealing with overwhelming emotions.
Speaking Engagements
Bill Jacobs will speak to your group about parenting and families.
Support Groups
Support groups can be incredibly helpful. Sign up for our Men's Group or our Single Mom's Group now.
Successful Therapy
Successful therapy depends, in part, on advanced preparation. Get the most from your sessions by...
Teen Suicide
Teen Suicide is a tense topic. What can be done to help?
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