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Postpartum Depression

Approximately 10% of mothers experience some degree of postpartum depression.

Distinguishing Features

After the birth of a child, mothers sometimes feel some mild disturbance of mood. Symptoms can include:



Beyond these, some new mothers also experience more severe symptoms beginning soon after to six months after birth. These symptoms include symptoms of major depression:



The obvious cause would be hormonal -- from the hormonal disruption of childbirth.


This major factor may be complicated by other factors, such as financial pressures, health issues, feeling inadequate as a new parent or marital issues.

Self Help

Self-help for postpartum depression is the same as for any other type.


For more details see Self-Help for Depression.

Professional Treatment

If symptoms become severe professional treatment is important. Infants need their mothers to be emotionally available—something that is more difficult to accomplish while depressed. At Bill Jacobs LPCC, we can help with postpartum depression. The cause is hormonal, but the good mental health practice of self-expression reduces the symptoms.


For more details see Treatment for Depression.

Additional Resources

Here is the Postpartum Support International support web site:


MedlinePlus, a government sponsored site, has additional information.


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