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Teen Suicide Causes

What are the teen suicide causes?


Understanding what causes suicide helps us know when it might be a possibility. Many people think of suicide as self-destructive, and it is. But the person contemplating suicide often sees it as self-care – a way out of unendurable physical, mental or emotional pain.


What situations cause such pain that life seems not worth living?


The number one cause of suicide is untreated depression.


Besides depression there is also:



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People who suffer major mental illnesses need treatment and supportive therapy as well as support from family and friends.


Often when people suffer extreme loss, the emotional pain is severe at first, but later decreases. Helping people who are suffering emotional pain realize it will pass is critical.


To understand more about the causes of teen suicide look at this excellent, research-based journal.


Go here to see the Suicide Awareness web site


Four out of five people who commit suicide present early warning signs.


For more statistics about suicide go to the CDC site.


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